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Regulatory Affairs

 TAPA EMEA partners in its regulatory affairs activities:

  • The EU Landsec Project - European Union Member State working party looking at transport security throughout the EU.
  • EUROPOL - European Union’s law enforcement agency: Joint working group looking at cargo crime statistics, to identify crime trends or criminal gangs linked to cargo crime
  • ESPORG - European Secure Parking Organization: Working with ESPORG to develop a certification programme for secured parking
  • INTERPOL - The world’s largest international police organization: Working together to share intelligence and cargo crime statistics
  • IRU - International Road Transport Union: Collaboration in EU project and secured parking initiatives
  • TISPOL - an organization established by the traffic police forces of Europe: Participant in joint working groups to identify crime trends through incident information Presentation and education given on how the supply chain works and the challenges it faces through criminal activities
  • UNECE - United Nations Economic Commission for Europe: Regular contributor to the UN Inland Transport Security Discussion Forums 

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