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Secure Parking

PSR has been established by TAPA's security professionals within the industry, to address secure parking of theft sensitive products which are transported over road.

The PSR specifies the minimum acceptable security standard and the methods to be used in maintaining those standards. It outlines the processes and specifications for Parking Place Operators to join the scheme and attain TAPA Certification for the parking operations. It is the intention for TAPA Members to select truck parkings which meet or exceed TAPA Certification Requirements.

The documents available are the TAPA Parking Security Requirements (PSR) and the Audit Form.

There are three ways to participate in the scheme. As a Parking Security Partner, by Self-Certification Level 3 or by having a parking site PSR Certified through an Independent Audit Body at Level 1, 2 or 3.

To participate in the programme please click the link and complete the form - Secure Parking Application

Click Here for more information about the Secure Parking Online Tool.
Secure Parking Online Explainer Video

If you have any questions or would like one of our team to contact you, please e-mail us on secure.parking@(*** please remove ***)tapaemea.org.

PSR Brochure

To download the PSR 2018 Brochure please CLICK HERE

PSR Parking Security Requirements

Click here to download the PSR 2018 Standard.

Click here to download the PSR 2018 Audit Form.

For further information please contact secure.parking@(*** please remove ***)tapaemea.org

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