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Training Information

TAPA EMEA is dedicated to providing training resources and events for its members, especially when it comes to TAPA Standards such as FSR and TSR. Here you will find a number of scheduled events for the two day training courses which are currently available.

For those of you who are registering as a delegate please note the following:

  • Each delegate must individually complete the registration process to ensure that they are registered to attend
  • The registration is for assisting us to ensure that a course is viable. The final decision on running the course will be made three to four weeks before the scheduled date, when a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. You are therefore advised that you should hold off on travel booking until your receive this final confirmation
  • Attending the training course is free to members, however all expenses, such as travel, accommodation and meals are payable by the delegate

If you are interested is hosting a training course then please contact us for further information and to register your interest.

If you have any question concerning training please contact info@(*** please remove ***)tapaemea.org.

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