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TAPA EMEA's Incident Information Service (IIS) recorded data on 132 new cargo crimes in February, a further increase on the 92 incidents reported in January 2016. Whether this just reflects an increased level of reporting or a genuine rise in thefts from supply chains is hard to tell but if this continues, 2016 could become a record year for the level of intelligence gathered and shared by the Association with its Manufacturer and Logistics Service Provider (LSP) members in the region. It will also support TAPA’s ongoing work to raise the issue of cargo crime within regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies.

The Association continues to ask its members and all stakeholders to report incident data and cargo crime news reports to iis@(*** please remove ***)

Data for February 2016 shows freight thefts in 14 countries in EMEA, including five involving losses in excess of €100,000. Only 22 or 16.7% of last month’s incident reports included a value. These represented a total loss of €1,214,838 and produced an average loss for the month of €55,219.

Five of the biggest losses in February occurred over the space...

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