TAPA EMEA’s ‘STEP UP & STAND OUT’ certification campaign has received a major boost with Bolloré Logistics’ announcement that it will begin working towards global Facility Security Requirements (FSR) certification. Bolloré, formerly SDV Group, is the largest international transport and logistics company in France and Africa and is ranked in Europe’s top 5 logistics service providers. It is present in 102 countries and its operations include 1,600,000 square metres of warehouse facilities.

Steve McHugh, Vice Chair of TAPA EMEA and Standards Lead, said: “Bolloré Logistics’ decision is a welcome boost to our campaign to increase the number of FSR and TSR certifications globally to give our Manufacturer members a bigger choice of TAPA-certified facilities and trucking operations to choose from to protect their high value, theft targeted goods during the supply chain process. We already have the support of a number of the world’s top Logistics Service Providers, who currently represent the largest percentage of FSR certifications in the EMEA region. We are confident Bolloré is intent on showing a similar commitment to TAPA’s Security

Standards. As with all TAPA EMEA members that want to start or increase their level of FSR or TSR certification, we will ensure they get all the support they need from the Association to achieve their goal, and we hope this will help to encourage more major transport and logistics companies in EMEA to begin or grow their support of our campaign.”

Vigilant spoke to Christian Teillet, QHSE Director Corporate at Bolloré Logistics to find out more about the company’s decision.

Bolloré Logistics is making a commitment to global TAPA certification – is this correct?

Yes. Our first objective is to implement a global programme worldwide to identify some key hubs within our organisation and to launch TAPA FSR Level C certification. The second point among these targets, and in accordance with our business and clients, is to identify key targets for a TAPA FSR ‘A’ certification.

Is this initiative supported by the Board of Bolloré Logistics?


What is the current status of Bolloré Logistics’ global TAPA certification?

Currently, one site is Level ‘A’ certified in Hong Kong and some others such as Singapore are Level C.

In order to achieve global certification, how many further locations in your global network need to be certified?

As a first step, more or less 10 sites worldwide for Level ‘C’ and more or less 5 sites worldwide Level ‘A’. Then we’ll increase the number of certified facilities wherever it is relevant.

What timescale have you set to achieve this?

Timescale target is 2 years.

Do you have plans for TAPA Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) certification?

Not yet. Our first objective is FSR compliance.

This is a bold initiative. What has prompted this decision?

A commitment by our top management to upgrade our security requirements – so far we are already compliant with AEO, C-TPAT and local security regulations – and to be certified according to an international Standard recognised by our customers.

How important is TAPA certification to your customers?

This requirement is more and more required by our customers during tender activities with a strong focus from customers moving luxury goods, high tech etc.

Do you believe global TAPA certification will help you to win new customer contracts?

Yes for sure, specifically in some countries where this certification can be a differentiating element.

Based on your existing experience of TAPA’s Security Standards, what benefits do they bring to your business?

The main benefits are they require you to have in place robust processes to continuously ensure a secure environment and they give confidence to our clients in our ability to manage their goods in a secure way.

With cargo crime continuing to increase, do you believe customers are even more aware of the value of working with logistics service providers who demonstrate a real commitment to the highest levels of supply chain security?

100% agree. We see clients paying more and more attention to their subcontractors in the security chain of their goods.

Is your goal to become the first logistics service provider to achieve TAPA FSR certification at all of your global warehouse facilities?

No, our goal is to be a global selective player in the TAPA certification programme by identifying the main target locations, according to our local business and clients’ locations, and to obtain TAPA certification for these facilities.