Cyber Security has been one of the hottest topics over the last few years and the level of threat is growing on a daily basis.

TAPA’s membership has expressed an interest and need for Cyber Security Requirements and, given the Association’s long-standing and highly-respected supply chain Security Standards for Facilities and Trucking, TAPA’s Worldwide Council (WWC) believes developing a cyber standard will provide another impactful benefit for its global membership. To date, no one in the industry has addressed cyber security from a supply chain security perspective. 

There are market, regional, and government standards that govern IT security implementation and which have components of supply chain risk management (SCRM) included, but nothing addresses the supply chain industry need. Supply Chain Cyber Security is all about leveraging transformational technologies and capabilities (cloud security, blockchain, IoT) to harden IT security systems against determined and capable adversaries, and helping companies comply with new privacy requirements regarding user data, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 


The TAPA Worldwide Council has, therefore, decided to look into creating a TAPA Cyber Security Standard to enhance the current TAPA Standards. Allen Gear, Vice Chair of TAPA AMERICAS volunteered to create and co-lead a committee in order to review various available standards, including company standards and best practices, and Andrew Parkerson volunteered to chair the Cyber Security committee. This committee is now comprised of 20 TAPA members from all three regions, representing member companies of all sizes, and has been engaged in biweekly conference calls to review existing standards and choosing which standards should be proposed to the Worldwide Change Control Board (WWCCB).


In considering a new cyber standard, the committee is working on a solution that it capable of crossing all company size boundaries and is applicable, and auditable, in a way which is meaningful to the TAPA membership and the supply chain security industry TAPA serves. It plans to present its recommendations for the WWCCB to review in December.