TAPA recorded 118 cargo theft incidents in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region in June with a total loss value of €4,383,994 for the 29.6% of crimes sharing financial data.

Late reporting of incidents due to the COVID-19 lockdown period means this figure for June is expected to rise in the coming weeks as more intelligence is added to the Association’s Incident Information Service (IIS) database for the region.

Nine major cargo crimes with loss values of €100,000 or more were notified to TAPA EMEA last month, accounting for a combined value of €3,781,281 or an average loss for these incidents of 420,142. Vigilant has been asked not to share information on three of these crimes but the other six involved losses of:


On 7 June, the driver of a truck carrying a shipment of tobacco and cigarettes was forced to stop shortly after leaving a warehouse in Nantes, France, by a gang of around six offenders driving two cars, which had been used to block the road. After overpowering the driver, the hijacked truck was driven to a rural area in Chevroliere. Police later found a burnt-out car in the town of Bignon, which is thought to have been used in the attack.


In Noventa Vicentina in northern Italy on 11 June, offenders used a stolen van to ram the gates of a Destination Facility to steal 400-500 items of designer clothing before making their escape in a second vehicle. 


A trailer containing a large quantity of parcels was stolen during the early hours of the morning of 2 June in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. Police were alerted and recovered the trailer within minutes of the theft occurring. No further information on the cargo or suspects is currently available.


In Mamelodi East in South Africa’s Gauteng province on 6 June, 14 heavily armed offenders stole a truck loaded with electronic equipment. Following a tip-off, police officers later arrested a 59-year-old man who was found to be driving the truck without the required work permit, but four other vehicles being used to escort the stolen vehicle have yet to be traced. 


On 15 June, two employees working at a Services 3rd Party Facility in Lauwin-Planque in northern France were arrested on suspicion of engaging in the thefts and re-sale of various products from the facility over a four-year period.


Four armed offenders travelling in a car forced a truck to stop while it was en route in Orta di Atella in Italy’s Campania region on 9 June. The vehicle was carrying a shipment of frozen fish. Police investigating the crime traced the tractor unit in the town of Brusciano, while the refrigerated trailer transporting the cargo was found 14km away in a public parking area in Volla with the cargo still intact.


In the €50,000-€100,000 loss category, two incidents have so far been reported to TAPA’s IIS in EMEA in June:

·         €76,997 - The theft of 290 truck tyres from a trailer parked at a company premises in Markman, South Africa, on 15 June. Police later tracked down the offenders and recovered 73 of the stolen tyres

·         €54,745 – On 11 June in Ilford, London, UK, thieves stole saffron from a warehouse facility. The incident was caught on CCTV but no other information was included in the incident report


Overall in June, TAPA recorded cargo thefts in 14 countries in EMEA, including four with double digit losses:

·         United Kingdom – 43 or 36.5% of the June total

·         Germany – 17 or 14.5%

·         Netherlands – 13 or 11.1%

·         Russia – 12 or 10.2%


Other losses during the month included:

  • 800kg of frozen octopus from a vehicle in an unclassified parking location in O. Pindo in Spain
  • A shipment of toilet tissue from an Origin Facility in Abu Dhabi
  • Machine tools stolen from a truck in Rheine, Germany
  • Jewellery taken in an armed raid on a Destination Facility in Marseille, France
  • Two tonnes of household goods from a Services 3rd Party Facility in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Televisions stolen from a Maritime Transportation Facility in Trelleborg, Sweden
  • Stainless steel from a Destination Facility in Sheffield, UK
  • Toys from a Railway Operation Facility in Vignate, Italy
  • Wheelchairs, folding beds and patient lifts from a warehouse facility in Reutlingen, Germany
  • A shipment of anti-bacterial wipes from a vehicle in Ipswich, UK
  • Woodwind instruments from a Destination facility in Wellington, UK
  • Training shoes stolen from a truck in Wakefield, UK
  • Bicycles stolen from a Destination Facility in Edinburgh, UK
  • The loss of a shipment of phones in a truck hijacking in Pretoria, South Africa, in which two security guards were shot
  • 300 televisions stolen from a truck in Venlo in the Netherlands
  • Sporting goods taken from a Destination Facility in Blankenfelde-Mahlow, Germany
  • 10 pallets of electric scooters from a truck in an unclassified parking location on the M3 in Hampshire, UK
  • Gas cyclinders stolen from a vehicle while en route in Browns Farm, South Africa
  • Parmesan cheese targeted after thieves rammed the entrance of a facility in Castelvetro di Modena, Italy
  • Alcohol stolen from a truck parked at a motorway services on the M4 motorway in the UK
  • Power tools taken from a vehicle parked on the A45 in Wootton, UK
  • 6 pallets of coffee from a truck left in an unclassified parking location in Stafford, UK
  • 914 crates of vegetables stolen from a Destination Facility in Hagenburg, Germany
  • Cigarettes stolen from a Services 3rd Party Facility in Ludres, France, after three offenders in two cars forced a security guard to open the gate at gunpoint. Police have made one arrest in this case


On the A67 in Knegsel in the Netherlands, TAPA was also notified of curtain-cutting attacks on 20 vehicles and the theft of expensive metals. Police were alerted to the incident and traced two men, who jumped from a moving vehicle near Geldrop to avoid arrest. One of the suspects was detained.

Of the 16 TAPA IIS product categories recording losses in June, only two recorded double-digit incident rates:

·         Food & Drink – 20 incidents, 17% of the monthly total

·         Tobacco – 16 or 13.6%

Theft from Vehicle was the most recorded type of incident in June with 47 crimes, 39.8% of the overall total, while TAPA received reports of 37 cargo thefts involving trucks in unclassified parking locations.