Steve McHugh, Executive Director Standards, and PSR Lead, Ionel Popa, talk about the challenges and opportunities for TAPA EMEA’s secure truck parking initiative… and how the Association’s members can help to make a positive difference in 2021

In 2021, TAPA EMEA is asking its members to add their voice to the Association’s contribution to address the severe lack of secure truck parking places – one of the biggest causes of cargo thefts in the region.

Nearly 60% of cargo losses from supply chains in EMEA stem from the fact that companies and drivers are not able to access a sufficient supply of secure parking when and where they need it.

The facts

TAPA estimates the level of demand for secure truck parking in the EMEA region to be the equivalent of 2,000 sites and 400,000 parking places.

The reality

Since launching its Parking Security Requirements (PSR) certification programme two years ago, TAPA EMEA has started to make steady and important inroads into meeting this demand. PSR is now the most adopted secure truck parking standard by Parking Place Operators (PPOs) but, at the current rate od growth, it will be years before supply begins to catch up with the current level of demand.

PSR is growing. More importantly, it is gaining industry support from both the users and providers of secure parking. At the last count, there were 7,626 parking places in the TAPA Secure Parking Online Tool database at 74 sites in 14 countries; Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom. So, what now?     

The opportunity

Many more sites will be added to the PSR database in 2021. TAPA EMEA’s Secure Parking Working Group has over 1,000 parking sites on its target list and will be working proactively to identify the decision-makers at these locations to explain the benefits of joining TAPA’s partnership and certification programme. The greatest growth potential for security parking is presented by existing truck parking sites, which need to see the economic benefits of meeting the PSR requirements developed by TAPA’s Manufacturer and Logistics Service Provider members.      

The call to action 

To add weight to TAPA’s case to Parking Place Operators – and to emphasise that PSR has industry support – the Secure Parking Working Group has invited and received testimonials from many member companies to show their support of PSR. Next month, these will be included in the next update to TAPA’s PSR brochure. The powers voices of users of secure parking sites must not be under-estimated and will be an increasingly valuable tool in 2021 when TAPA EMEA introduce more PPOs to its Security Standard.

We believe even more companies will insist on the use of secure parking sites as more locations become available. That’s why, we are calling on more members to add their voice to TAPA’s PSR campaign – send us your messages of support to info@(*** please remove ***)tapaemea.org which we will share with PPOs. If they can see and hear their existing and potential customers are backing PSR, more will join. Help us to strengthen our business case.

In every issue of Vigilant in 2021, we will bring you more PSR updates; more of your testimonials, interviews with PPOs and the users of secure truck parking sites, and regular news on the latest sites added to our secure parking database.

Our message to PPOs must be loud and clear; PSR is live, PSR is growing, PSR is the Standard the industry wants, PSR is achievable, and PSR will bring new business.



 ‘Great asset’

‘We here at Bleckmann Logistics are passionate about our speedy, reliable and secure delivery services to all of our clients.  Security and safe transport of our customers’ assets are our number one priority. The safe use of TAPA’s PSR program for protection of our drivers ,transported assets and vehicles, and reduced cargo crimes, has and is a great asset to companies like ourselves and many more.’

Bleckmann Logistics


‘Clear standards’

‘DHL Freight welcomes the TAPA PSR initiative, being an effort to:

-        increase the number of available secured parking areas

-        set clear standards and requirements for parking areas to be considered as secured

-        create transparency on geo locations and booking options of secured parking areas

... the outcomes of which may support us in further mitigating transportation security risks.’

DHL Freight


‘We commit to us secure parking places’

‘More safe and secure parking capacity is needed in Europe. That's why DSV Road B.V. strongly supports the TAPA PSR Initiative. In the interest of our customers, for the safety of our drivers and our equipment, we commit ourselves to use secure parking spaces whenever possible. Safe parking is an important step in making the supply chain more resilient.’

DSV Road B.V.


‘Helps us prevent crime’

‘Our priority is the transportation of our clients’ goods from pick up to delivery and we will always make every effort to ensure this is carried out using the safest and most secure route available at all times. Being a member of TAPA EMEA allows us access to some excellent resources and the IIS database is a valuable tool we can use 24/7. To mitigate any risk, we assess all of our routes and choose one that is recognised and has approved parking locations which helps us plan and avoid so-called hotspots of criminal activity. The highest number of crimes we see within the IIS database is due to unsecured parking and working in conjunction with TAPA EMEA and PSR helps us prevent this to the best of our ability. We receive regular updates from TAPA EMEA and our clients, notifying us of theft from vehicles due to unsecured parking and this always leaves the question: “why would you not use a secure parking site whilst carrying that load?’

FET Logistics


‘We support PSR in every way’

‘As a transport company, we are not only obliged by our clients to transport their goods safely, but we also have a responsibility to our employees. For both reasons, it is therefore extremely important to us that we can find secure parking spaces on our tours. We support the TAPA PSR initiative for safe parking in every way.’

Franz Wirtz


‘Invaluable help in providing safety and protection’

‘FREJA Transport & Logistics strongly supports the initiative and efforts of TAPA in regard of developing good and usable standards for safe and secure truck parking facilities, as well as the activities on supporting expansion and knowledge of the network of secured truck parkings. To us as a regionally-based and Europe-wide logistics provider, such a network of independent parking facilities, with a well-known level of security, is an invaluable help in providing safety and protection of drivers, vehicles and clients’ shipments, especially during parking outside of our own home bases.’

FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S


‘We will definitely use TAPA certified parking sites’

‘Frigo-Trans, as a Pharma Supply Chain Service Provider, is well aware of the issues that the lack of affordable secure parking availability can cause. We fully support the activities of TAPA to expand the Parking Security Requirements to help address this problem. We will definitely use TAPA certified parking sites whenever we can to secure our loads and to protect our vehicles, and most importantly our drivers.’

Frigo-Trans GmbH


‘Accurate and clear requirements’

‘TAPA’s PSR is a parking security standard that provides accurate and clear requirements that are  straightforward and can be understood and implemented at all levels.’

G4S Telematix


‘We fully support TAPA’s plan’

‘As a long-standing TAPA member, Gebrüder Weiss has supported the PSR standards from the beginning. We are very proud that Gebrüder Weiss has been officially registered as a PSR partner with two parking lots in Maria Lanzendorf and Wels (Austria).

‘The risk of cargo theft can only be mitigated if different parties and industries work together, especially at the most vulnerable parts of the transport process, the parking sites. Gebrüder Weiss has made a commitment to tackle this problem and is looking forward to increasing our network of secure parking sites even further. We fully support TAPA's plan regarding the parking situation and are happy to work with other partners to ensure a secure and resilient supply chain.’

Gebrüder Weiss GmbH


‘We commit to use TAPA-approved parking sites on our HVTT routes’

‘The Hammer GmbH & Co. KG is given responsibility to deliver HVTT cargoes. In the interests of our drivers as well as our clients, this naturally also includes the permanent use of secure parking places. We very much welcome the TAPA Parking Security Requirements initiative and commit ourselves and our related partners to the continuous/contractual use of its approved secure parking sites on all of our HVTT routes. The safe routing is the elementary key to all parties involved in the transportation process.’

Hammer GmbH & Co.KG


‘A massive step in the right direction’

‘Our ongoing relationship with TAPA has increasingly benefitted our fleet and location customers. TAPA’s security standards add value to several branches of our business, including supply chains, HGVs on the road and truck parking sites. The trifactor approach helps to instil trust and reduces the impact of cargo crime for our customers across Europe.

‘We have been working closely with TAPA on the PSR scheme, encouraging SNAP locations throughout the continent to adopt the TAPA security standard. The 7,000 parking spaces already in TAPA’s PSR database is a massive step in the right direction and helps to provide suitable parking options to our drivers. We are big advocates of the work that TAPA is doing, and we look forward to continuing to work together in 2021.’

SNAP Account 


‘We all need TAPA’

‘Sony Europe B.V. is one of TAPA’s proud and actively supporting members for more than 15 years.

‘Almost 100% of losses related to logistics have been linked to truck parking areas with lower security levels. We have invested substantial resources in assessing available parking locations and establishing secure parking areas for our European supply chain. Secure parking areas create the backbone for the security of our consignments and the safety of our drivers.

‘Needless to say, we cannot succeed by acting alone and the professional work of TAPA in this field is much appreciated. We all need TAPA. Therefore, we are happy to see TAPA’s PSR programme growing. We support all initiatives aimed at improving the level of security around European truck parking locations.

‘TAPA PSR provides us with the possibility to use the most secure parking areas without the need to physically assess them.’

Sony Europe B.V.


‘We are a strong advocate and would like to encourage as many Parking Place Operators as possible to join this program.’

‘At Tech Data, being one of the world’s leading end-to-end technology distributors with daily high value and theft sensitive products in transit, supply chain security and assuring that our customers receive their orders intact and on time remains our number one priority. An asset protection program can only be effective when all of its individual components are complementary to, and intertwined with, each other. A safe and secure truck parking location is one of those crucial elements and an indispensable link in the whole framework of security risk mitigation measures.

‘Truck drivers are regularly confronted with an insufficient number of parking facilities and therefore often park in non-secured zones or unsafe locations like hard shoulders, exposing themselves and other road users to potential thefts and a high risk of accidents. We were, therefore, very pleased to hear that TAPA is now also filling that gap by setting the standard for secure truck parking in the EMEA region. We are a strong advocate and would like to encourage as many Parking Place Operators as possible to join this program. It is the missing link that will greatly prevent cargo crime and, in the process, protect the lives and wellbeing of the truckers who are 365/24/7 in the frontline to safely transport our goods from A to Z.’ 

Tech Data


‘A practical, realistic and efficient approach in closing the gap. PSR exposes us to logistical parties seeking the security and services we provide’

‘The PSR program is very important and has our full support. We operate 8 secure truck parkings, of which 7 are audited and certified to Level 2 of the PSR program. The PSR program is driven by our (potential) users and suppliers, a genuine industry effort. No politics, no hidden agendas, just aiming at filling the gap and improving security. We all face a giant task to create roughly 2,000 additional secure truck parkings throughout Europe; we all want this industry to become more professional and secure. The lack of secure truck parkings, and/or their use, is what currently hampers the logistics chain most.

‘Joining the thriving PSR program emphasises that we, as a PPO, do contribute even though we cannot live up to the newest EU wishlists. PSR exposes us to logistical parties seeking the security and services we provide. The PSR program focusses on existing sites, improving their security and getting them known throughout the whole logistical chain. A practical, realistic and efficient approach in closing the gap. Working with TAPA members, their network, knowledge and potential assets will make a difference. We also look forward to sharing knowledge and input as a PPO to TAPA training programs and audit schemes. PSR is a much-needed platform, one of a kind.’

Truck Parkings Rotterdam Exploitatie


‘A winning combination’

‘All companies expect the safe and secure delivery of cargo and TAPA’s Secure Parking Tool is a great initiative to support that. Using real-time data, it guides drivers to secure parking where they also benefit from a better quality of rest. That is a winning combination that we want to see more of.’



‘We know the extra value of TAPA certification’

‘As a TAPA certified company, we know the extra value that comes with this certificate. We have our trucks on route daily for international transports. An overnight stay is standard for our trucks and we always choose for the best parking we have for our overnight stays. TAPA provides a list with TAPA PSR parkings which we can choose from and which, for us, are mandatory to choose. With more  certified parkings, we know that we will have the most secured parking in the industry to keep our drivers and cargoes safe during their well-deserved night rest.’

Van der Valk Transport B.V.


'We highly welcome and support TAPA’s PSR initiative’

‘Secure parking as an important step to enhance protected supply chains. The lack of reliable and classified parking locations leads to a risk for secure and safe transports of our products and goods. Therefore, we highly welcome and support TAPA’s PSR initiative as an important step towards a secured and safe transport system. Secured parking will not only protect our goods from the risk of crime but will also protect drivers by reducing their risk of being subjected to events like theft or even assaults. In addition, we assess the expected operative standards of TAPA’s initiative as a quality tool to support and a guideline our partners can follow to stabilize the secured and safe transport processes which are so vital for our transformation to integrated supply chains.’



‘We support the initiative to promote TAPA’s Parking Security Requirements’

As specialists in temperature-controlled storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products, VTS Transport & Logistics has already taken various security measures to guarantee safety during storage and transport. On the road, however, if a vehicle is stationary during breaks and overnight stays, we are vulnerable to cargo theft and fuel theft. That is why VTS supports TAPA’s PSR initiative to expand PSR secure truck parkings. Towards a crime-free world!’

VTS Logistics B.V.


‘Benefitting parking providers engaging with this certification scheme’

‘The lack of safe and secure parking in the UK is a huge problem for the logistics industry and, as a longstanding member of TAPA, Wincanton fully supports the TAPA PSR campaign to raise awareness and encourage parking providers to engage with the certification scheme.

‘Wincanton would like to emphasise the importance of protecting our ‘lone worker’ driver colleagues who are at the sharp end of criminal activity and how the Wincanton fleet would be encouraged to seek out and use certified parking, benefitting parking providers engaging with this certification scheme.’



‘Contributes to the security of cargo and safety of drivers’

‘TAPA’s Parking Security Requirements (PSR) was a missing link in the security of the logistics chain. Previously introduced security standards (FSR & TSR) by TAPA have shown that reduction of criminal actions can be achieved. Yusen Logistics endorses the usefulness and necessity of the PSR and is convinced that the Parking Security Requirements contribute to the security of the cargo in transit and the safety of the drivers.’

Yusen Logistics