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Newsletter "Vigilant"

Every month the Vigilant provides comprehensive information about our association, our Standards and the newest develeopments relating to the topic of cargo crime.

Vigilant October 2019 Edition

Vigilant September 2019 Edition

Vigilant August 2019 Edition

Vigilant July 2019 Edition

Vigilant June 2019 Edition

Vigilant May 2019 Edition

Vigilant April 2019 Edition

Vigilant March 2019 Edition

Vigilant February 2019 Edition

Vigilant January 2019 Edition

Vigilant December Edition

Vigilant November Edition

Vigilant October Edition

Vigilant September Edition

Vigilant August Edition

Vigilant July Edition

Vigilant June Edition 2018

Vigilant May Edition 2018

Vigilant April Edition 2018

Vigilant March Editition 2018

Vigilant February Edition 2018

Vigilant January Edition 2018

Vigilant December Edition 2017

Vigilant November Edition 2017

Vigilant October Edition 2017

Vigilant September Edition 2017

Vigilant August Edition 2017

Vigilant July Edition 2017

Vigilant June Edition 2017

Vigilant May Edition 2017

Vigilant April Edition 2017

Vigilant March Edition 2017

Vigilant February Edition 2017

Vigilant January Edition 2017

Vigilant December Edition 2016

Vigilant November 2016 Edition

Vigilant October Edition 2016

Vigilant September Edition 2016

Vigilant August Edition 2016

Vigilant July Edition 2016

Vigilant June Edition 2016

Vigilant May Edition 2016

Vigilant April Edition 2016

Vigilant March 2016 Edition

Vigilant February 2016 Edition

Vigilant January 2016 Edition

Vigilant December 2015 Edition

Vigilant November Edition 2015

Vigilant October Edition 2015

Vigilant September Edition 2015

Vigilant August Edition 2015

Vigilant July Edition 2015

Vigilant June Edition 2015

Vigilant May Edition 2015

Vigilant April Edition 2015

Vigilant March Edition 2015

Vigilant February Edition 2015

Vigilant January Edition 2015

Vigilant December Edition 2014

Vigilant November Edition 2014

Vigilant October Edition 2014

Vigilant September Edition 2014

Vigilant August Edition 2014

Vigilant July Edition 2014

Vigilant June Edition 2014

Vigilant May Edition 2014

Vigilant April Edition 2014

Vigilant March Edition 2014

Vigilant February Edition 2014

Vigilant January Edition 2014

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