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The Incident Information Service

The Incident Information Service (IIS) is designed to improve the availability and flow of information related to cargo crimes against logistics supply chains within Industry and between Industry and Law Enforcement Agencies.

The IIS goal is to provide TAPA members with a centralized source of knowledge on cargo theft in the EMEA region and to facilitate the dissemination of that information among members through various available resources such as: Incident database, Incidents maps, periodic bulletins, reports as well as email alerts, among others.

In Addition to the IIS and with the objective to oversee, improve and to make sure the IIS performance fulfills the high demands of the Industry and TAPA EMEA, the Intelligence Working Group (IWG) was created.

This team of volunteers is composed by a perfect mix of active members from different work fields in security such as logistics service providers, manufactures and law enforcement agencies.

To download the IIS User Guide please click on the link below.


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