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LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies)

The TAPA IIS working party are looking to attract new LEA members throughout the EMEA region to increase its contact with Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies. In recent years, TAPA have established good LEA contacts and have had a number of excellent examples of information sharing but as Police officers and LEA's are transferred onto other duties or cases, TAPA lose contact with them or their duties restrict their participation with our organisation. To assist in overcoming this gap in our contacts and to improve our contacts in the future, it has been proposed by the working party to appoint a TAPA nominee in each country to act as a LEA contact tasked with recruiting LEA within their area region or country.

As we do not have TAPA members listed in each country, it may be that your organisation has security managers or Supervisors have established contacts with LEA that TAPA could optimise for the benefits of its members.

The objectives of the IIS working party are, to:

  • Increase awareness of TAPA IIS
  • Create Information sharing of incidents between Law Enforcement and TAPA IIS
  • Share best practice of crime prevention
  • Set up working partnerships between Police and TAPA members

The benefits for the LEA's are:

  • Identified Single Points of Contact within industry to progress operations/investigations
  • Increased, faster-time intelligence flow
  • Potential overt and covert intelligence
  • Access to the TAPA IIS database
  • Attending conferences
  • Realtime incident reports from all over EMEA via TAPA IIS monthly bulletin

If you are interested in becoming a TAPA LEA nominee or have someone in your organisation that can take up this role, please contact:

incidents@(*** please remove ***)tapaemea.org

Please click on the above image to download our latest conference video from Dublin!

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