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Membership will be provided - as approved by the Board of Directors - to:

  • Manufacturers and other shippers (full membership)
  • Representatives of industry supporting the security of the whole supply chain including production, transportation and logistics (full membership)
  • Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Representatives (LEA TAP membership)
  • Legal firms / Insurers that have specialists in transport/marine law or losses
  • Other Security Groups with similar aims. (TAP membership)
  • Companies providing security services or solutions to the supply chain industry (SSP membership)

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of membership include the following:

  • Conferences and seminars learning about supply chain security & compliance
  • Access to the TAPA Cargo Crime database
  • IIS Real Time Cargo Crime Alerts
  • Publicity of your companies security programme through TAPA’s various media forums
  • Government & Industry Lobby Groups

 The benefits of TAPA Certification include:

  • Increased security of your warehousing and handling
  • Increased customer satisfaction by meeting customer’s security expectations for their products
  • Reduced insurance liability exposure to your company
  • Transfer of risk to LSP’s and subcontractors to ensure compliance
  • Increased business with companies that include TAPA certification requirements in contracts
  • Increased security and safety of your employees as well as your stakeholders

TAPA certification demonstrates conformance to many of the WCO Customs Security Programmes such as:

  • US C-TPAT requirements (C-TPAT),
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO),
  • Singapore Secure Trade Partnership (STP),
  • and Air Cargo Security (AVSEC) programmes throughout the world.

The TAPA certification shows the on-going commitment of companies to the importance of security and compliance in the industry. TAPA certified sites are independently audited by approved audit bodies. TAPA Members are regarded as leaders in Supply Chain Security.

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