European Commission publishes ROADSEC Security Toolkit to address the growing threats of cargo crime, stowaways and terrorism

The European Commission’s new ROADSEC Security Toolkit is now available to download, providing clear operational guidance to help truck drivers, transport companies and other key stakeholders address the threats of cargo theft, stowaway entry to trucks, and terrorism on European roads.

The Toolkit was commissioned by the Directorate for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission, DG MOVE, and has been produced by the Cross-border Research Association (CBRA) in Switzerland with the support of TAPA EMEA.

The Executive Summary highlights the increasing risks facing drivers and transport operations: ‘The European commercial road freight transport sector faces many security threats today. While cargo theft continues to be a multi-billion-euro problem for the European transport sector, irregular immigrants and terrorists pose additional security risks to international trucking operations – the former are boarding trucks clandestinely to cross borders, while the latter have turned heavy vehicles into weapons by hijacking them and driving them into crowds.”

It also updates and upgrades contemporary good security practices in response to a constantly evolving risk landscape, emerging technologies and regulatory changes.

Data and intelligences for the Toolkit was collated over a nine-month period in 2017, including gaining input from TAPA EMEA members attending the Association’s conference in Milan last March. One of the priorities of the initiative is to improve the safety of drivers by increasing their awareness of security risk and offering advice on how to deal with specific situations and remain safe. Vigilant has previously reported incidents involving cargo thefts, migrants and terror attacks in which drivers and innocent members of the public have lost their lives.

In the section ‘Security Guidance for Drivers,’ the Toolkit addresses:

·        General security

·        Preparation and pick-ups

·        Driving and stopovers

·        Control zones

·        Forced stops

·        Changes in journey plans

·        Crime suspicion or incidents

·        Delivery

The EU security guidance also offers advice to logistics managers and key stakeholders covering risk assessment and risk solutions. This includes how to:

·        Identify relevant security risks to your trucking operations

·        Estimate likelihoods and consequences of relevant risks

·        Human resource management

·        Business partner and stakeholder management

·        Disruption of criminal activities

·        Assigning security roles and responsibilities

·        Driver training

·        Establishing and monitoring security performance indicators

There are also eight Annexes included with the Toolkit for:

·        Top security tips for truck drivers

·        Security plan

·        Truck security checklist and visual guide

·        Freight transport technology solutions

·        Existing freight transport security standards

·        Secure parking resources

·        Security incident reporting forms

·        Additional resources

The EC Security Guidance for the European Commercial Road Freight Transport Sector – ROADSEC Security Toolkit can be downloaded at

 Thank you to all of the TAPA EMEA members who contributed towards the creation of the Toolkit.