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Physical security has to adapt to a physical new age of Internet security in 2018

The most important trend that developed in 2017 was the increasing focus on cybersecurity. As more and more devices move to the Internet of Things (IoT) model to provide added convenience and intelligence, the ability of hackers to use those devices to infiltrate systems – and the need for oversight to protect organisations – has also increased.

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Social media that can be worth a mint

Social media has been under constant scrutiny in recent times. From its role in ‘Fake News’ to allegations of manipulation by external threat actors, much has been said and written about it to varying degrees of accuracy. What is still little understood and often used in an ad hoc manner in the commercial world is the discipline for using social media for

Intelligence purposes: SOCMINT.

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Security Solutions White Paper: Using multi-layer technology to meet CFATS Perimeter Security Requirements

Any manufacturing or critical infrastructure facility can be exposed to the risk of a terrorist attack. Critical infrastructure includes energy generation plants, water treatment centres, communications networks, and food and agricultural manufacturing facilities – basically any facility vital to the functioning of economies and societies. Certain facilities face a higher risk of terrorist attack due to their potential for catastrophic disaster. In particular, facilities that use some form of potentially volatile chemical substance as part of their normal operation are often classified as a higher risk target.

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IFSEC International 2018

Taking place at ExCel, London between 19-21 June, IFSEC International is Europe's leading security event and the only global stage committed to co-creating the future of integrated security. In 2018, whatever your role in the industry, you have a part to play in global security. IFSEC International is your platform to share ideas, discover best practice and to get hands-on with the latest physical and integrated security products.

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Why supply chain security should be a strong link

The recent NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) report underlines an all-too-common refrain for UK PLC – the cyber-threat to businesses is growing. The security sector may have grown a thick skin to such warnings, however to hear it from a Government body with access to a unique picture of the threat landscape, means companies should take heed. Specific warnings about the growing threat from ransomware and DDoS

(Distributed Denial of Service) are an ongoing anxiety-inducing thought for security teams. WannaCry quickly shifted ransomware from the realm of small scale laptop clean-up to board level concern and DDoS is an omnipresent danger.

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One-in-three HCOs hit by cyber-attack

More than one in three healthcare providers have suffered a cyber-attack over the past year, with 10% paying a ransom or other extortion related fee, according to Imperva. The vendor polled over 100 healthcare IT professionals at the recent 2018 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference in the US. Unsurprisingly given the sizeable number that had suffered an attack, 77% of respondents said they were very concerned about a cybersecurity event hitting the organisation while 15% admitted they needed to do more to improve their cyber-defenses.

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Six questions to ask when selecting surveillance systems for harsh and rugged environments

Choosing a security system can seem complicated, particularly when factoring in the different environmental conditions to which a camera can be subjected. It’s important to take environmental factors into consideration to make sure a camera lasts as long as it should. This article suggests six questions businesses should ask themselves before investing in a new surveillance system.

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