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Who’s that logging onto your website?

Security experts analysing hackers trying to maliciously access customer accounts have identified that 90% of login attempts on retail and e-tail e-commerce sites are from cyber criminals attempting to access customers’ account and payment details. According to a report in one of the UK’s daily newspapers, cyber criminals attempt to gain access to an online account by flooding it with email and passwords leaked in previous data breaches – a practice known as 'credential stuffing'.

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Departing employees should not mean departing data

Empowering your employees to do their best work means providing them access to physical and digital assets in the company network that can help them scale their initiatives. But when an employee leaves, it’s the organisation’s job to ensure they’ve rolled back access to this company property. This includes office supplies, mobile devices and ID badges, but in the digital age of insider threats it also needs to include your data. Many organisations today rely on cloud-based technologies as the hub of their business operations. Solutions such as Salesforce started off as a CRM but have grown to manage the workflow and data of an entire organisation. As a result, employees have access to a bevy of sensitive data such as detailed customer, prospect, ordering systems and financial information.

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Top four reasons Avigilon uses ONVIF® as its Standard API

Travis Gredley, Product Manager for Integrations at Avigilon, recently contributed an article to the company’s monthly newsletter outlining the top reasons why Avigilon uses ONVIF as its standard API. The article discusses the benefits of developing products with ONVIF as the standard protocol, including: easier integration with third-party systems; higher quality and faster time to market; staying at the cutting edge with ONVIF protocols; and innovating with ONVIF protocols.

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Self-Driving Trucks – timelines and developments

Techemergence looks at the progress of self-driving trucks, focusing on two key aspects of the development of autonomous vehicles:

·   The unique ways autonomous or semi-autonomous trucks are expected to be first commercially used

·   When the major manufacturers, technology companies, and outside experts project this technology will      see significant use

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Panasonic’s new deep learning facial recognition platform Face Server ‘the most accurate yet’

Panasonic Business unveiled its new deep learning facial recognition technology to the European market at last month’s IFSEC 2018.  Jointly developed with the National University of Singapore, Face Server’s deep learning core engine claims to be the industry’s most accurate yet, based on tests conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Face Server can identify faces at an angle of up to 45 degrees to the left or right or 30 degrees up or down, as well as those partially hidden by sunglasses and face masks. The platform has already been rolled out at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, replacing a fingerprint recognition system at the passport entry gates after three years of verification testing.

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The video surveillance report 2018

IDIS, a global security company that designs, manufactures and delivers surveillance solutions for a wide range of commercial and public-sector markets, has sponsored the fourth annual edition of The Video Surveillance Report which sets out to gauge industry perceptions and experiences of the latest innovations in network cameras and video surveillance systems. The report shares findings based on a survey of hundreds of professionals working in the field – from installers and integrators to consultants and heads of security. Topics include: Installed base; Upgrading & innovation; VGA/HDMI video encoders; Deep learning powered video analytics; Systems faults & critical failover; Cybersecurity; and Technical support.

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Guard Tour is a new feature of Integriti Version 18.1

The newly-released Integriti Version 18.1 software update introduces features such as Guard Tour, Inner Range Mobile Reader, Animated Schematic Maps and the EkoTek integration to the Integriti Platform. The Guard Tour Manager is a configurable framework where guard tours can be created, scheduled and monitored in real time. This feature is said to offer high amount of flexibility in the creation of steps, tasks, actions and warnings for each tour. The progress of guard tours can be monitored in real time via live video feeds from an integrated CCTV system. Warnings and alarms can also be raised where the timing or the typical sequence of events within a tour has not been met. Integriti Advanced Reports allows for detailed reports to be generated providing full detail of active and completed tours.

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