TAPA EMEA is calling on its members to provide essential industry feedback for the EU’s new ‘Study on Safe and Secure Parking Places for Trucks’


The European Commission’s initial assessment of the true need for safe and secure truck parking areas in Europe represents the most important step forward to date in supporting what is such a vital component of supply chain security in the region.

This is why TAPA EMEA is giving its full support to the Commission’s ‘Study on Safe and Secure Parking Places for Trucks’ and is calling for its members to do the same.

It is TAPA EMEA’s intention that the Association will incorporate the EU Safe and Secure Parking Manual requirements as a baseline to its own Parking Security Requirements (PSR) when the EC project is completed. Ultimately, TAPA EMEA would seek accreditation to operate a certification scheme based on the EU Standards for truck parking operators inside and outside the EU.

TAPA EMEA members will receive a survey to provide input to the EU-funded study on Safe and Secure Parking Places for Trucks. This study defines an action plan and has the objective to create the right framework for authorities and private developers who wish to establish certified safe, secure and connected parking places for trucks. This includes the need for accurate and reliable information regarding planning, operation and standardisation processes and best practices.

The European Commission now needs support from industry to determine the detailed needs and expectations of the sector and has produced a short questionnaire to give companies the opportunity to share their needs and recommendations. These will be considered and integrated into the study that will be delivered to the European Commission.

In the questionnaire, it is seeking the following information: 

  1. Input from all stakeholders in the transport supply chain to build a common standard to be used in Europe and globally;
  2. Pinpoint hotspots and risk zones in terms of security and safety issues (e.g. theft, migrants as well as driving and resting times);
  3. Identify the appropriate spots to place safe and secure parkings across the EU;
  4. What do you expect from a standard on safe and secure parking areas?
  5. Which are the issues that you face, which could be solved by safe, secure and connected parkings with adequate services for drivers?
  6. Which services would you consider necessary and desirable on secure, safe and connected parking areas?
  7. What would be the best for you to book and pay for a secure parking area?

Once TAPA EMEA members receive a link to the questionnaire, please ensure you take this opportunity to influence the realisation of more safe and secure truck parking in Europe.

Tony Kavanagh, TAPA EMEA Secure Parking Lead, said: “The European Commission takes the issue of secure parking extremely seriously and TAPA have been working with the EC project team to develop common security standards and a new rating system to guide parking owners and users. Through this EC project, the direction and initiative is now in place to develop a supportive process to build a network of secure parking sites across Europe. TAPA members and others are being given the opportunity to shape their thinking on this vital topic and it is important that we take this opportunity and ensure our input is captured.”