Secure truck parking is one of the main components of supply chain resilience and it is a core focus for TAPA in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region. Now, the Association is calling on its members to voice their support of a ‘common sense’ solution to accelerate the growth of secure parking sites through the alignment of its Parking Security Requirements (PSR) with the EU Safe and Secure Truck Parking Area (SSTPA) standard.

Thorsten Neumann, President & CEO of TAPA EMEA, says it’s time for the Association’s members to act if they want to help address one of the most common causes of cargo thefts, notably the lack of secure parking places. In EMEA, this contributes to some 60% of all losses reported to TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS).


TAPA EMEA first called on the European Commission to support the alignment of SSTPA and PSR a year ago. Since then, TAPA’s PSR has become the most-supported secure truck parking standard by Parking Place Operators, enabling the Association to list over 7,300 parking places in 13 countries in its online database used by Manufacturers and Logistics Service Providers to plan secure transport routes.


“TAPA EMEA has repeatedly stated its full support for the introduction of the EU Safe and Secure Truck Parking Area (SSTPA) standard, while also continuing to proactively promote and grow our own Parking Security Requirements (PSR) standard. Our priority is to ensure we can increase the

number of secure parking places to the level of capacity the supply chain industry needs – and this is becoming a major concern because the gap between supply and demand needs to be closed at a much faster pace.   


“The message from TAPA members is already clear; they do not mind which parking security standard is used by PPOs so long as secure parking capacity increases significantly, and as quickly as possible. Having listened to our members, we therefore believe that, to serve the best interests of the industry, it is time to align the EU SSTPA and TAPA PSR standards through a mutual recognition agreement. We see this as a catalyst for growth,” Neumann said.


TAPA EMEA reiterated its position at last month’s EC LANDSEC meeting:


·        TAPA wants SSTPA and PSR to be successful and sees no competition between the options both offer to existing and new parking place operators

·        TAPA EMEA will continue to seek an active role in assisting the European Commission to promote SSTPA certifications and provide training where we are able to do so

·        TAPA’s PSR, released in 2018, continues to gain positive support from Parking Place Operators (PPOs) and is now the most widely adopted secure truck parking standard in EMEA

·        TAPA sees the emergence of two security standards to support parking certification as a positive development on which to build a cohesive, collaborative approach to secure parking.

How you can help

TAPA EMEA is proposing the alignment of both standards under a mutual recognition agreement to accelerate growth capacity.


Thorsten adds: “We hope the EC will listen to us and respond positively to our proposal - but we need our members and friends to make their voices heard too. In particular, those of you with European Commission connections and influence can make a significant difference by helping us get this topic on the agenda with both your EC and national contacts. Please help us and be part of the solution. Together, we can bring about a new collaboration to significantly improve the resilience of supply chains in our region.”


If you want to help or wish to learn more about TAPA EMEA’s secure parking programme, contact us at info@(*** please remove ***)tapaemea.org