Reports of cargo crimes in the EMEA region in September were still being added to TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) as this issue of Vigilant went to press, but losses for the month had already exceeded €2.5 million.

Thefts of computers/laptops accounted for the four crimes with the highest loss values last month:


On 1 September, a loaded trailer was stolen in Oss in the Netherlands’ North Brabant province.


Thieves broke the locks and security seal of a trailer parked overnight in an unclassified parking place on the E42 in Le Roeulx in Hainaut province, Belgium, on 20 September.


Offenders cut the curtain side of a trailer during the night of 3 September after the driver took an overnight rest break at a service area on the A14 in Cambridgeshire, UK.    


The second major loss of computers/laptops in the Netherlands occurred on 28 September after three pallets were stolen from a vehicle in an unknown location in Haarlemmermeer in North Holland.

TAPA’s IIS recorded two other incidents last month with a loss value of €100,000 or more:


The loss of unspecified cargo following the hijacking of a truck while it was en route in Kleinmond in South Africa’s Western Cape. The incident on 9 September was recorded with an M.O. of Internal.

A vehicle tracking company alerted police that the delivery truck had been hijacked and directed them to an industrial area in Parow. Upon arrival, they found the hijacked truck and the driver, who they discovered was involved in the theft. The driver pointed out a nearby storage facility where the goods had been offloaded. Officers searched the premises but recovered only two items. The rest of the stolen property had already been moved.


The highest value of a series on losses in Russia, which all involved Fraud. In this crime, on 13 September, a driver offloaded 20 tonnes of clothing and footwear at an unauthorised location in Moscow after reportedly being instructed to do so by an unknown person.


The six major losses in September accounted for €1,801,895 of the monthly loss value, averaging €300,315 per crime.

In addition, a further four incidents were reported to TAPA’s IIS in the €50,000 to €100,000 loss category worth a combined €267,720 or an average for each crime of €66,930. These involved:

·         €80,000 – the theft of 220 televisions from a truck at a service station in Chieti in the Abruzzo region of Italy on 27 September;

·         €68,610 – the loss of 20 tonnes of tyres in Moscow on 6 September after the driver was told to offload the cargo at an unplanned location by an unknown individual;

·         €60,000 – a shipment of washing tablets and other washing products was taken in a Theft of Trailer crime on 8 September after a deceptive pick-up in Gostynin in the Mazowieckie region of Poland;

·         €59,110 – another deceptive pick-up resulted in the loss of 930 solar panels after they were picked up in Rotterdam in the Netherlands but never delivered to their intended destination.

Overall, as Vigilant went to press, a total of 108 new cargo crimes had been reported to TAPA EMEA during the 30 days of September with a total value of €2,507,010. This figure is based on the 34 or 31.4% of these incidents which provided financial loss data, producing an average for these crimes of €73,735.

Goods were reported stolen in 15 separate TAPA IIS product categories, of which eight recorded five or more incidents during the month:

·         Food & Drink – 13 (12.0%)

·         Metal – 9 (8.3%)

·         Cosmetics & Hygiene – 6 (5.6%)

·         No Load (Theft of truck and/or trailer) – 6 (5.6%)

·         Furniture & Household Appliances – 6 (5.6%)

·         Tobacco – 5 (4.6%)

·         Cash – 5 (4.6%)

·         Car Parts – 5 (4.6%)

Theft from Vehicle remained the most recorded type of incident in September, accounting for 45 or 41.7% of crimes, while the level of cases involving Fraud meant this was the second highest incident last month, with 20 crimes.

Unclassified Parking continued to be the location type with the highest number of recorded crimes, with another 49 incidents reported in September, 45.4% of the monthly total.

Interestingly, there was a surge in the number of countries in the EMEA region reporting cargo losses to the IIS database. In total, TAPA recorded data from 17 countries across the region, although only six recorded five or more incidents:

·         Netherlands – 39 crimes, 36.1% of the monthly total

·         Russia – 18 or 16.7%

·         South Africa – 10 or 9.3%

·         United Kingdom – 8 or 7.4%

·         Germany – 5 or 4.6%

·         Spain – 5 or 4.6%


In the Netherlands, all 39 crimes involved criminal attacks on vehicles, with losses including:

·         38 car batteries from a truck parked on the E2 in Eijsden

·         15 pallets of branded shoes from a vehicle in Hilvarenbeek

·         5,432 epilators stolen from a truck in Heinenoord

·         25 tonnes of cheese from a vehicle in Tilburg

·         6 pallets of tools from a truck in Veldhoven

TAPA’s IIS recorded 11 incidents at points along the A2 in the Netherlands – at Born, Echt, Eijsden, Liempde, and Maarheeze - as well as on the A15, A16, A50 and A67. 

Russia recorded 17 crimes involving Fraud, demonstrating that the advice to carry out thorough due diligence on transport providers still isn’t being followed by some companies. Losses in these incidents included:

·         13 tonnes of cable

·         20 tonnes of animal food

·         20 tonnes of nuts

·         20 tonnes of metal

·         18 tonnes of chemicals

·         20 tonnes of milk products

Most of these crimes took place in Moscow oblast or in Sverdlovsk in the Federal District of Ural.

South Africa once again recorded a series of truck hijackings during the month. In one attack in Botleng, Mpumalanga province, four offenders in a car using a blue light attacked the driver of a cash-in-transit truck, hitting him with a rock and stabbing him in the head. Police later recovered the vehicle and made four arrests.

Other arrests in South Africa where linked to the hijacking of a truck carrying alcohol in Umlazi, while TAPA also received a report on the theft of two million tubes of toothpaste in a separate truck hijacking, which were later partly recovered in Nellmapius.

In Sweden in September, TAPA was notified of three separate thefts of televisions from vehicles in Jonkoping, Granna, and Skillingaryd, while in the UK, incidents included the theft of 100 boxes of whiskey from a truck parked at a service area on the A1 in Wetherby as well as a loss of a trailer loaded with make-up products from a Services 3rd Party Facility in Southampton, reportedly valued at ‘hundreds of thousands of pounds’.