TAPA’s Parking Security Requirements (PSR) are now firmly established as the fastest-growing secure truck parking industry standard … but the Association is now calling for more members to volunteer as PSR Ambassadors to accelerate its growth and to meet demand from many more Parking Place Operators (PPOs) interested in adopting the TAPA Standard.

There are already over 7,300 TAPA-approved secure truck parking places in the Association’s Security Parking Online Tool (SPOT) database at 71 locations in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain and the United Kingdom. Many more sites are in the process of joining.

Vigilant spoke to TAPA EMEA’s new PSR Lead, Ionel Popa, for a progress report…

Remind us why PSR is so important to the resilience of supply chains?

The answer is simple. The lack of secure parking options means it is too easy for cargo thieves to target trucks, which results in multi-million-euro losses every year and severe risks to driver safety. Statistics show that more than 50% of all cargo thefts reported to TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) involve trucks which stop in unclassified or unsecured parking places. It is now the biggest single cause of freight losses in our region, which is why TAPA is taking such decisive action to help our members protect their goods, vehicles and drivers.

What is the TAPA PSR team focusing on? 

As a proven provider of industry-leading security standards for Facilities and Trucking over the last 20 years, we are now also putting in place the best secure truck parking Standard and certification programme to benefit both our members and the PPOs which adopt one of the levels of PSR. This is a Standard built for the industry by Subject Matter Experts in the industry who are also the buyers of secure parking places, and the level of take-up and interest in PSR is growing month-by-month. We’re also actively encouraging our members to support the parking places that are demonstrating higher security levels because for PSR to realise its full potential, it must be embraced and implemented by every stakeholder; Manufacturers, Logistics Service Providers and Parking Place Operators.

Why would a Parking Place Operator be interested in joining the PSR programme?

Because their existing or potential customers moving high value/high risk cargoes are TAPA members, and our membership is growing at a record rate as more companies upgrade their supply chain resilience. And, because we are offering them a tremendous opportunity to be visible to our members by promoting their parking places in our SPOT database, as well as providing a forum where they can engage with buyers of their services.

From my point of view, PPOs not included in our SPOT solution are running their businesses in isolation. Our members want more seamless, digital solutions and SPOT gives them a risk management mapping tool which allows users to enter a route, identify cargo theft incidents on or close to the intended route, and to then find the nearest TAPA PSR-approved secure parking sites. It is a win/win for all concerned.

So, SPOT makes secure truck parking easily accessible to transport companies. Is that the main reason they are interested in the programme?

For so many companies, the most important reason is related to the safety and comfort of their drivers, which is also very well addressed by our PSR Standard. Driver wellbeing is closely linked to driver loyalty, which is so highly valued these days, and as a leading industry association, TAPA understands this better than anyone.   

The other extremely important reason is that in a marketplace where pricing levels tend to be quite similar, buying decisions are mostly based on a combination of security level and the quality of facilities and service offered. As the TAPA PSR network grows, transport operators will have more choice of secure parking places and that also means they face less risk because their vehicles can avoid using unsecured parking places.

Are Manufacturers supporting PSR too?

Yes, absolutely, because avoiding cargo losses is so important to their brand reputation and bottom line performance. The financial impact of stolen goods is estimated to be five-times greater than the actual value of the product, and can cause serious supply chain disruption, especially for products such as pharmaceuticals and food and drink. 

What can TAPA EMEA members do to help?

We need more members to volunteer as PSR Ambassadors because the potential for the Standard is unlimited. We know that most of the PPOs we approach either join our PSR programme straight away or intend to join, so having more Ambassadors to identify and approach more sites will significantly grow our reach. Our PSR proposition is real and compelling and it has the potential to deliver the biggest benefit to supply chain security in our region.

So, if someone reading this wants to volunteer, what do they do?

Just email info@(*** please remove ***)tapaemea.org and we will contact them with more information.