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Certification fee Non-Members

We are pleased to announce, that in conjunction with the members’ agreement, TAPA EMEA has been able to create a Commercial Activity Arm - Transported Asset Protection Services B.V.

Due to this, we are now able to reinstate offering our FSR and TSR Standards Certification Programme to non-members.

As you are aware the previous cost for non-member self-certification was €250 plus vat if applicable, per certificate.  We are pleased to inform you that for 2020 this will not change

In addition, we are now able to process non – members’ certificates, which have been issued by one of our independent audit bodies (IAB). This will cost €499 plus vat if applicable, per certificate.  

This will now enable your details to be posted on our website so that members requiring services may find your information.  

Alternatively, by joining TAPA EMEA – HERE  you can benefit by these services as they are free to members.

Please click on the above image to download our latest conference video from Dublin!

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