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The new cyber requirements in both FSR and TSR 2020 are only optional. Based on the increasing awareness and discussions regarding cyber risks, should this be changed from optional to mandatory?

TAPA is introducing new Standards for cyber security threats in 2 phases. For FSR and TSR, the 2020 versions (phase 1) will be the first time TAPA has included cyber and IT threat security requirements in its Security Standards. The Association sees these as “entry level” requirements which are intended to provide minimum but practical risk mitigation measures. The reason the cyber security threat measures are optional is because we need to ensure their introduction will not significantly increase costs or impact for existing certification holders when they migrate to the new versions of the Standards.

It’s worth noting that should an applicant or Buyer require their supplier to include the cyber requirements option in their certification, the option will then become mandatory to achieve certification. TAPA then intends to publish a stand-alone supply chain cyber threat Security Standard in late 2020 (phase 2). To obtain stand-alone cyber threat security certification, the applicant will be required to achieve compliance with all the mandatory requirements listed in the new Standard. This will be the main Standard for addressing cyber threats to supply chain security.


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