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Are there specific rules for seals on TSR 1 multi-stop routes? Can we use an electronic seal?

Multi-drop routes have been excluded from TSR 1 seal control requirements because the complexity of effectively managing seals is just not practical. Once you give the driver normal seals to cut and replace after each delivery, the value of seals as a security control is negligible. So TSR 1.2.6 is mostly intended for 1 stop or until first stop shipments. However, 1.2.6 also gives the option for the use of electronic seals that can offer more secure solutions, such as remotely unlocking and/or timestamp opening data. If seals or electronic locks cannot be used for a multi-drop operation, then the focus for TSR 1 should be on TSR procedures 1.1 and locks 1.2.1. FYI, TAPA cannot endorse any brand or type of lock but gives some options to consider in 1.2.1.


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