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After obtaining FSR Level A certification a year ago, I recently received a reminder to complete and submit a self-audit to the audit body. Can you explain what is required and the purpose of these audits?

Once you have been issued with a Certification for the TAPA FSR, TSR or PSR Standards, TAPA requires an annual self-audit to be completed in a non-certification year. As TAPA certifications are valid for 3 years, this means an interim self-audit is completed by the certificate holder (LSP/ Applicant), their appointed agent or Independent Audit Body in years 2 and 3. The LSP/Applicant is responsible for ensuring the annual self-audit is completed and submitted to the certificate issuing authority on time (TAPA or the Independent Audit Body). Failure to do so may result in the revoking of the certificate, so it’s important not to miss this part of the process!

The reason for the self-audit requirement is to ensure ongoing conformance to the Standard is maintained and this responsibility must be with the certificate holder. If anything has changed or new waivers are required, this is the opportunity for the LSP/Applicant to identify the non-conformances, fix them or have waivers approved as appropriate and inform the certification authority of the change in conditions.


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