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We are interested in getting TAPA certified. Can you give us information and contact details on the TAPA certification process?

TAPA has 3 certification programs.

·         Facility Security Requirements (FSR) for warehousing operations

·         Truck Security Requirements (TSR) for road transport vehicle operations

·         Parking Security Requirements (PSR EMEA Only) for road transport parking areas.

Each standard has 3 levels of security. The selection of the appropriate Standard and security level is based on the needs of the company and/or their clients. The 2 highest levels of FSR A and B, TSR 1 and 2 and PSR 1 and 2 require assessments and certification by a TAPA approved Independent audit bodies (IAB). The lowest level FSR C, TSR 3 and PSR 3 can be obtained by an IAB or self-certified by the company’s own employee if they attend a TAPA training and pass the relevant exam.  If you require the services of an approved IAB these can be found at: https://tapaemea.org/industry-standards/find-an-auditor/tapa-authorised-bodies.html  These certification bodies are approved by TAPA but certification costs are negotiated directly by you and your preferred IAB. If you need more information about TAPA Standards in general please contact info@tapaemea.org You can also download the Standard you are looking for from https://tapaemea.org/industry-standards/fsr/download-section.html


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