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My company uses a different audit body to the ones TAPA has approved. Why can’t I use the same audit body?

TAPA needs to ensure compliance and consistency of approach regarding the use of our Security Standards. To achieve this, TAPA needs to ensure it has agreements and close working relationships with the accredited audit bodies that perform the actual certifications. Therefore, TAPA has appointed a number of audit bodies with global capabilities to perform TAPA certification audits under a Memorandum of Understanding agreement. TAPA has also appointed local or regional audit bodies where the global companies may not have strong representation. We believe this provides a choice of certification audit providers and competitive pricing options for the company seeking an auditor. This approach also allows TAPA to monitor and control the audit quality of the audit bodies.

The reason TAPA does not support the use of non-approved audit bodies or auditors is because they have not gone through the required training or signed the appropriate agreements with TAPA to enable them to deliver the TAPA certification requirements. Therefore, when TAPA receives a single site request to use a non-approved audit body, we generally have to refuse the request.

In the interest of expanding TAPA’s certifications programme to make it more affordable and achievable in the future, the Association is investigating options to allow the inclusion of more accredited audit bodies. Any changes to our current practices will be announced in 2020.


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