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I am told TSR 2020 will have major changes. Can you assure me that I won’t have to make major investments in my truck fleet to maintain my certification status?

As stated previously, TAPA strives to minimise any additional investment in new systems or technologies but cannot guarantee that costs will not be incurred. TSR 2020 will be reformatted so 4 different transportation modes will now be available and replacing the single “one size fits all” approach. The changes from the existing Security Standards to the new revision are minimal and reflect the opportunity to address unique security measures, e.g. the requirement for a bulkhead between the cab and the cargo space for a van. The major changes will be in new sections that are optional enhancements, a kind of TSR+. These measures can be added to a new or existing certificate to reflect a step up in security from the TSR 1, 2 or 3 levels.


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