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I hear about Standards being published this year but they don’t come into effect until July 2020. Why the delay? Is there a schedule we need to know about?

The work we are undertaking in 2019 is focused on updating the FSR and TSR Standards. 2020 will see the roll out and preparations for the launch date being completed. The current roadmap for the revised Standards includes the following milestones:

1.  Exploration – Completed

2.  Development – In progress

a.  Final draft of Standards available - September 2019

b.  Membership consultation completed - October 2019

1.  Approval – To be done

a.  Regional approval – November 2019

b. World Wide Council approval – December 2019

2.  Delivery – To be done

a. Training materials created and training schedule available - May 2020

b. FSR/TSR deployed - July 2020

There are obviously a lot of supporting details and tasks which are being undertaken to achieve this plan. We will continue to publish relevant new details as and when they are available.


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