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Why is TAPA promoting use of its own Parking Security Requirements (PSR) when the EU will introduce its own Parking Security standard? Surely one standard for the industry will make more sense?

TAPA agrees that one standard for the industry would make sense but we have to start from a low point to get there! Existing secure truck parking availability and standards are not adequate for today’s demands or risks. TAPA has responded to its members’ requests to get involved and help improve this situation. TAPA has introduced its own scalable PSR rating scheme which is supported by a TAPA certification system similar to our other Security Standards. The TAPA PSR certification system is available now and is aligned with TAPA’s IIS incident information and mapping service.

The EU’s Safe and Secure Parking program seeks to address similar concerns but the roadmap for its formal introduction is still being considered and it may be some time before it is formally introduced. It will then take more time to see parking sites adopt the new system.

Our long-term goal is to work with the EU and to align both TAPA and the EU’s parking initiatives. We believe by offering the TAPA PSR now, we can help capture many of the parking locations in a certification scheme. These sites will provide more parking options for users. The TAPA-registered sites will eventually provide an easy transition to meet the new EU and/or TAPA Standards when they are available. We will keep you posted on developments.


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