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What are the requirements for the LSP/Applicant person who is conducting the interim self audits between certification audits? Must this person be an Authorised Auditor (TAPA trained/approved)?

TAPA Standards do not require that the person completing and submitting the annual self audits (years 1 and 2) is trained by TAPA or is a qualified TAPA Authorised Auditor. However, there may be regional differences. TAPA EMEA and TAPA Americas will currently accept annual self audits that are submitted by non-TAPA trained personnel. TAPA APAC requires a TAPA trained and authorised person to submit these audits. TAPA hope to standardise this based on one of these methods as part of the next Standards update cycle. Note that the above should not be confused with the Self Certification Process, where all initial certification audits must be conducted and submitted by a TAPA trained Auditor.


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