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We are concerned about privacy compliance and keeping records of interviews for later use. Can you provide any guidance on what to look for when auditing TSR E.8? TSR E.8 Re-hiring: Procedures are in place to prevent LSP/Applicant from re-hiring workforce if denial/termination criteria are still valid. Note: Records are reviewed prior to re-hiring (Ex: background of previously terminated personnel or rejected applicants previously denied employment).

This requires a procedure to be available and in place that reduces the likelihood that a former member of the workforce could be rehired when they may still be considered as unsuitable. It could be they do not meet the hiring standards of the LSP/Applicant due to a previous employment event. All procedures are expected to meet local legal requirements. The note below the requirement is advisory and the intent is to help the LSP/Applicant or Auditor implement/seek evidence that supports the requirement. There may be many other ways to demonstrate compliance.

·         These additional questions may help when assessing your compliance: -

a.       Do your hiring procedures include referencing information on ex-workers that are re-applying for work? Typically, this is a permanent record kept by HR confirming the person previously worked for them and the reason they left employment.

b.      Do you have denial/termination criteria for all job applicants?

c.       If ex workers were terminated for performance/disciplinary reasons, is this information available to the persons making the hiring decision?


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