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Can you provide me with some advice on how to get started with Self-Certification and explain what’s involved?

This is a summary of the steps to complete a Self-Certification: a) Register for FSR and or TSR training on the TAPA EMEA website https://www.tapaemea.org/industrystandards/training-and-schedule/ schedule.html b) You must pass the relevant exam to obtain Internal Authorised Auditor (AA) status c) Only AA’s are approved by TAPA to conduct Self-Certification assessments d) Download the Self-Certification On Line Tool user guide at http://www. tapaemea.org/industry-standards/ self-certification-programme.html Create an account f) Apply for an audit to be assigned to you for each facility/operation that you require to be certified g) Complete your online Self-Certification

a) Answer all questions and provide supporting detail

b) If approved, TAPA will notify you and provide a certificate

c) If denied, a specific time will be allocated for you to correct any non-compliances

 h) TAPA will provide email and telephone support if needed free of charge to our members


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