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We’re a forwarder that only uses sub-contracted trucking. My client requires us to provide TSR Level 3 trucks for their shipments. Two of my sub-contractors are willing to be TAPA TSR Level 3 self-certified but do not have a TAPA trained Authorised Auditor to complete their audits. Can we use one of our Authorised Auditors to conduct the necessary TAPA audits at our sub-contractors?

 The role of the Authorised Auditor for the self-assessment programme was created to save costs for the LSP/Applicant. An LSP/Applicant Authorised Auditor can only perform certifications audits for their own employer’s business. They cannot certify their sub-contractors or other businesses. The reasons for this include but are not limited to: • This may create a conflict of interest between the LSP and its sub-contractor • TAPA will not accept a transfer of responsibilities for TAPA audits from an LSP to its client • The LSP may be in competition with other clients using the same sub-contractor, who may challenge or not accept audits from a competitor organisation. The option to use an official Independent Audit Body can also be used to obtain TSR 3 certification. 


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