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My business is too small to have our own TAPA-trained Authorised Auditor. For selfcertification, the TAPA Standards state that “An Authorised Auditor can be an internal employee/associate, trained and authorised by TAPA as an FSR/TSR/PSR Authorised Auditor”. Can you explain what you mean by “associate” and how I could use this option?

 TAPA self-certification was set up for LSPs to cost effectively audit themselves by utilising a trained in-house Authorised Auditor. Where the LSP did not have a resource available to perform this role (typical in smaller operations), they could contract in a person or associate provided they have had the appropriate TAPA training and passed the TAPA exam. TAPA allows approved named associates (not auditing organisations) to perform the TSR 3/FSR C self-certification audits as Authorised Auditors provided an agreement to perform the Authorised Auditor role between the two parties is in place. The associate Authorised Auditor is restricted as an Authorised Auditor only for the LSP named in the agreement. In this way the same restriction on an associate and the LSP’s own Authorised Auditor is in place. TAPA would not support an associate who marketed themselves to multiple LSPs as an Authorised Auditor for TAPA self-certification. We would see this as an unapproved Independent Audit Body and would take appropriate steps to prevent this from happening.


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