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We consider CCTV images are personal data. TAPA requires that I keep the recorded images for 30 days. How can I achieve this and meet TAPA and GDPR requirements?

TAPA FSR specifies ‘CCTV recordings stored for a minimum of 30 days where allowed by local law. LSP/Applicant must provide evidence of any local laws that prohibit the use of CCTV and/or limit the video data storage to less than 30 days.’ By following the internal process to classify and control personal data, TAPA would expect that an intent to meet TAPA CCTV recording requirements is tailored to also meet local GDPR policy. For example, it may be possible to display clear signage informing all that they are in a CCTV-covered area, that they are under surveillance, that recordings are kept for a maximum of 30 days and will only be used by authorised staff if needed when investigating criminal acts. 


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