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Are any significant changes planned for the TSR Standard?

 The original TSR was focused on the concept of a large truck unit pulling a large trailer and security was only relevant when the trailer was carrying cargo. We want to bring the TSR up-to-date and, yet, keep the basics in place for existing users. New ideas include taking a modular approach to the transportation vehicle. So, we aim to have similar, but not always the same requirements, for vans, trailers and road containers. In addition, in the new 2020 version, we hope to introduce optional modules that will satisfy the needs of those sectors carrying vulnerable loads, where additional control measures are needed. Due to additional cost resistance from members, TAPA has always struggled with suggestions to introduce high specification methods to secure, monitor and track vehicles and cargo. We hope the new “options” sections will help provide TSR users with a wide range of options to secure personnel, vehicles and cargoes. 


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