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Who should pay the costs to meet TAPA Standards?

The question is open-ended as multiple answers are applicable. The most obvious answer is “we all do” as it is assumed some of the costs will be passed on to others in the supply chain in the form of freight rates or direct fees.  Here are a few of the less complex solutions we see being used: 1. The Logistics Service Provider invests in TAPA Standards as a general policy for security and customer compliance reasons. No costs are passed directly to their clients; 2. The Logistics Service Provider invests in TAPA Standards as a direct result of needing to be compliant to their client's contracted security requirements which mandate the use of TAPA Standards. Costs may be covered by the Logistics Service Provider as a cost of doing business or, subject to negotiation, the client may also contribute to the cost if this reduces the general rates for services; 3. The Logistics Service Provider is required to provide a facility and meet the TAPA Standards for one customer. Costs are normally negotiated. The client can contribute or have security costs included in the contracted rates. 


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