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Can you explain the slightly different comments I found on use of subcontractors in the TAPA Standards?

 Ideally, the Logistics Service Provider should require its subcontractors to be TAPA certified but, for operational reasons, this may not always be possible. So, these requirements intend to address different situations that may be encountered. 1. This may mean the subcontractor could be subject to audits which are required by the Buyer/Client. These audits need to be formally agreed between the relevant parties. A Client/Buyer may have clear security requirements for its supplier to impose on its subcontractors. Normally, these are compliance to relevant sections of the TAPA Standards but can also be unique requirements suitable for the business being conducted. 2. Evidence must be available that confirms subcontractors/vendors are aware of, and comply with, LSP/ Applicant relevant security programs.


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