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Please explain the reasons why Logistics Service Providers seek to obtain TAPA certification?

Typically, the TAPA certificate holders fall into 3 categories and the reasons for this are as follows: 1. Compliance: In many instances, Logistic Service Providers obtain TAPA certification to comply with customer contractual requirements. This is perfectly fine and fits the profile of many of our certification holders; 2. Opportunity: Logistics Service Providers which have incorporated TAPA Standards into their own company security policies and procedures. They proactively seek TAPA certification as an opportunity to promote their investment in security measures. They are “security ready” when contacted by potential new customers; 3. Compliance and Opportunity: A hybrid of 1 and 2, but we often see a proactive supporter of TAPA Standards actually using the Standards to promote their business and services, especially in niche markets for the transportation of vulnerable loads, where security is one of the most important customer requirements. The Logistics Service Provider will often use TAPA Standards as a baseline but then offer additional security measures according to customer requirements.


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