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I want to use secure parking sites for my trucks in transit. I find that there are not enough sites with parking places available or they are expensive to use. What is TAPA’s view of this situation and why do you think your PSR Standard will make any difference?

Unfortunately, the problem of a lack of safe and secure parking for trucks is not new. There are many reasons why this situation exists, and it will require industry and national governments to collaborate on finding realistic solutions. Existing secure parking schemes are fragmented and provide limited coverage. This needs to change. The EU has just completed a study and is looking to introduce a safe and secure parking standard, but it may be some time before this is formally launched. The introduction of TAPA PSR was in response to direct requests from our members for TAPA to play a role in addressing the “lack of parking” problem. We cannot solve this on our own but hope to make a meaningful contribution. We hope the PSR certification scheme, which includes information on approved parking locations as well as access to incident data for risk assessment use, will be successful in attracting many existing parking place owners to adopt the Standard and become more visible to the industry. We are also committed to aligning with the EU and other regulators which are considering introducing similar standards. It is our stated goal that adopting TAPA PSR will be a stepping stone aligning with any future regulatory standards. It makes no sense to have competing or different standards, but TAPA wants to play a role now and in the future in managing the certification, and promoting the use of parking sites. Because TAPA PSR is available for use now, the growth in new users is gaining momentum. So, we believe PSR has a very important role in advance of future regulatory parking requirements as well as a continued role in promoting the availability and use of safe and secure parking when regulations are introduced.


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