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I am moving containers by road and then internationally by sea. Can I use TSR to cover the security requirements with my Logistics Service Providers?

TSR 2020 offers more options for container transport with the introduction of a “Sea Container Road Transport” solution. The road segments of the container transport at origin and destination are now perfectly suited to the use of TSR. Setting up the appropriate measures and agreements with the Logistics Service Providers who understand TAPA’s TSR should not be a complicated task. In reality, the TSR container movement will be transported under the required TAPA security level by road to the origin port. Once the container is handed over, the TAPA TSR requirements can no longer be applied or considered appropriate. Existing container port and seagoing security measures come into force at this point. At the destination, the reverse process requires the container to be handed over to a TSR certified Logistics Service Provider for the continuing transport by road. Working with the original or alternative Logistics Service Provider, it should be possible for an agreement for the containers to be collected and be prepared for ongoing transport by road.


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