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It’s clear from reading the TSR 2020 that Auditors will look for evidence of compliance before and during the certification. I note that the TSR Vehicle Register is a critical record for auditors (assessing compliance) and the LSP (managing compliance). How can both auditors and the LSPs use the Vehicle Register to assist in the certification audit?

The Vehicle Register is described in the glossary as “A document listing the vehicles (with identifying details) which are subject to the TAPA TSR certification”. As a minimum, the Vehicle Register must list all vehicles covered in the certification, so they are identifiable and have a reference to an inspection or audit by the LSP within the last 12 months. The purpose of the inspection is to assess their compliance with the appropriate TSR security level. The auditor, in agreement with the LSP, will use the vehicles listed in the Vehicle Register to select which ones will be sampled for conformance during the certification audit. The TSR requires “Thirty days in advance, the LSP/Applicant must provide to the AA the Vehicle Register of vehicles to be certified”. Therefore, it is normal for the auditor to ask for a copy of the Vehicle Register some weeks before the audit date. Working with your auditor to explain the details they can see in the Vehicle Register, and ensuring the vehicles mutually selected for sampling are compliant and available, is the best use of this document when preparing for an audit.


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