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I am certifying to FSR and I’m not sure when or when not to apply ISO certified seals to trailers. I am sending out different types of loads to direct-to-end customers, multi-drop customers and direct to other hubs for onward distribution. What does TAPA FSR require?

FSR 2017 4.12.1 specifies the FSR seal requirements. The TAPA EMEA Standards Team takes the view that this requirement is only applicable to trucks/trailers that are utilised for a single Buyer and will not stop to offload or pick up other shipments en route. For single Buyer direct shipments, ISO 17712 certified compliant seals are to be used unless the Buyer specifically exempts the LSP/ Applicant from applying seals to their shipments. Buyers not asking for seals is not an acceptable exemption. The Authorised Auditor may request evidence of Buyer exemption and/or an ISO 17712 certificate for the seals being used.


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