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I note there is a new addition in the FSR for ‘IT and Cyber Security Threat’. It is good to see TAPA addressing this important topic. Why is this an optional and not mandatory requirement when surely in the world we live in today, the protection of our networks is a core requirement?

Both FSR and TSR make the IT and Cyber Security Threat option available. For TAPA, this is the first phase in introducing entry level security measures to improve protection of critical supply chain information systems. Ideally, we would have liked to have made these measures mandatory from day 1 of the updated 2020 Standards being launched, but realistically we had to acknowledge the concerns of many of our members who need time to understand and plan for any infrastructure changes. Therefore, FSR and TSR will continue to have the entry level IT and Cyber Security Threat module as an ‘optional’ feature so that it can be included in certifications as required. Phase 2 in 2021 will see the introduction of a standalone IT and Cyber Security Standard that will require an FSR/TSR IT and Cyber Security certificate to enable it to be eligible for the higher level of certification. The intent of the future IT and Cyber Security Threat Security Standard is the protection of critical supply chain information systems and services. Where possible, the TAPA requirements should not duplicate existing industry standards on cyber threat protection.


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