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ISO compliant seals are very expensive. Where can I find low cost alternatives?

Are there specific rules for seals on TSR 1 multi-stop routes? Can we use an electronic seal?

We are concerned about privacy compliance and keeping records of interviews for later use. Can you provide any guidance on what to look for when auditing TSR E.8? TSR E.8 Re-hiring: Procedures are in place to prevent LSP/Applicant from re-hiring workforce if denial/termination criteria are still valid. Note: Records are reviewed prior to re-hiring (Ex: background of previously terminated personnel or rejected applicants previously denied employment).

Can you give an example of unacceptable and acceptable evidence provided for a TSR Vehicle Register that meets TAPA requirements? TAPA TSR: 3.11.1 Vehicles to be utilized under the TSR must be listed in the LSP's/Applicant’s TSR Vehicle Register. There is no specific format for the Register, however, it must include at least the following information: Tractor identification information, trailer identification information, TSR level, date(s) of audits and self-assessments, any exceptions, corrections, date of correction.

Can you give an example of unacceptable and acceptable evidence that shows driver training is sufficient? TAPA TSR: 4.1.1 Security Threat Awareness training program conducted with drivers and documented in driver records. This training, as a minimum, shall include threat awareness, robbery response, vehicle checking, and recognition of developing threats, use of secure parking, appropriate responses to threatening events and communication with police and management. This training must take place at least every 2 years.

Can you give an example of unacceptable and acceptable evidence for locking of truck cab doors? TAPA TSR: 1.1.1 Driver procedures require that truck doors are locked during transit.

We’re a forwarder that only uses sub-contracted trucking. My client requires us to provide TSR Level 3 trucks for their shipments. Two of my sub-contractors are willing to be TAPA TSR Level 3 self-certified but do not have a TAPA trained Authorised Auditor to complete their audits. Can we use one of our Authorised Auditors to conduct the necessary TAPA audits at our sub-contractors?

Are any significant changes planned for the TSR Standard?

As a medium-size courier company, we previously looked at TSR. It was not a good fit for our business as we only operate final mile deliveries using vans. I am now aware TAPA is looking at security requirements for vans and fixed body trucks in the next revision. Should I relook at TSR certification for my business?

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