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Training Schedule

Please find below the trainings that are now available.

Once you have registered for a training please do not book your flight or accommodation until you have received an information email from us.

Please read the information below prior to registering your attendance.

Please note that this year we are also providing trainings in local languages (German, Italian and French). This will be indicated if relevant, all other training will be given in English.

** However even though the training will be given in the local language ALL training documents will be in ENGLISH.

If for any reason you cannot attend the training please notify the admin team as soon as possible so your place can be offered to someone else. If you don't turn up at the training and haven't given notification you will not be able to register for any other trainings for the remainder of the year.


TAPA IRU Driver Training

The IRU Academy and the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) – the leading global supply chain security association – have developed a state-of-the-art course on transport security. This e-learning course allows drivers to minimise security risk throughout transport operations. The course focuses on cargo theft but also covers related security risks such as illegal immigration and smuggling.

HVTT: https://www.iru.org/iru-academy/programmes/protect-yourself-and-your-cargo-high-value-theft-targeted


Online Refresher Training

In line with commitments which TAPA EMEA has made to improve the quality and access to its training services, the 2017 versions of the Facility Security Requirements and Trucking Security Requirements will be supported by an online refresher training option.

Eligibility to take TAPA FSR/TSR 2017 Online Refresher Training:

Members requiring to maintain their Internal Approved Audit status.

o   Must have attended an FSR / TSR  2014 training course, passed the relevant exam and hold a current Certificate


TAPA Approved Auditors working for one of the official Independent Audit Bodies

o   Must have attended an FSR/TSR 2014 training course, passed the relevant exam and hold a current Certificate.

o   Must have completed at least 1 TAPA Certification Audit in the last 12 months

Register below and further details will be sent in due course.  

Thank you.


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